It’s A Trap! Family Experience

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New curriculum from Kid Nation at South Hills…

Everyone hates traps. We unknowingly stumble upon them and then–WHAM-O! We’re stuck. Kids and parents of all ages will enjoy our creative approach to teaching how to avoid traps that try to knock us off balance.

Week 1 Lesson:
Lesson 1 Spotting Traps

Lesson 1 – Spotting Traps Sketches

Week 1 Programming Sheet

Week 1 Family Handout:

Week 2 Lesson:
Avoiding Traps Lesson 2 Message

Avoiding Traps – Sketches

Family Time – Nick Knack Bag

Week 2 Programming Sheet

Week 2 Family Handout:

Week 3 Lesson:
Avoiding Traps Lesson 3 Message

Escaping Traps – Sketches Week 3

Week 3 Programming Sheet

Week 3 Family Handout:

Week 3 Family Time Game:

Week 4 Lesson:
Setting Traps Lesson 4 Message

Week 4 Programming Sheet

Week 4 Family Handout:

Promo Post Card:

It’s A Trap Slides: